Drivesmart Alpha X Fitted
Drivesmart Alpha X
Following the runaway success of the Drivesmart Alpha, the brand new Alpha X has been released as Drivesmart’s latest Speed Trap Detector. Keeping all of the best features of it’s predecessor, the Alpha X improves the experience by adding a beautiful OLED blue-tone display and further refined radar false alert filtering.

No More False Radar Alerts

Drivesmart’s original Smart Radar filter system, used on the Alpha, remains but the Alpha X can also detect the specific radar wave used by Audi’s, and other vehicles, for cruise control and blind spot detection. This prevents additional false alerts from these vehicles when you are driving past them.
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Drivesmart Pro Speed Camera Detector
DriveSmart Pro – GPS Speed Camera Detector
Now Less Than The Minimum Fine For Speeding! Now with over 20,000 EU Camera Locations. The Drivesmart Pro GPS Speed Camera Detector has been developed by experts in the speed camera detection business having brought out their first detector over 10 years ago when they were the first pioneers to offer free database updates.
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Sale! Drivesmart Pro Evo Speed Camera Detector
Drivesmart Pro Evo Speed Camera Detector
Drivesmart are please to announce our latest addition to our detector family. The Drivesmart Evo sits between our Pro and Alpha units with its fully comprehensive GPS database and laser detection to offer all round great coverage and protection. Features: Laser Detection combined with a GPS Database consisting of:
  • All known fixed Speed Camera Locations. (GATSO, TREVLO, HADECS, Etc)
  • Red Light Camera (RLC / Traffic Light Camera) locations.
  • SPECS camera locations.
  • Mobile Speed Trap known locations – “BlackSpots” and High Risk Zones.
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