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Drivesmart Alpha X Fitted
Drivesmart Alpha X
Following the runaway success of the Drivesmart Alpha, the brand new Alpha X has been released as Drivesmart’s latest Speed Trap Detector. Keeping all of the best features of it’s predecessor, the Alpha X improves the experience by adding a beautiful OLED blue-tone display and further refined radar false alert filtering.

No More False Radar Alerts

Drivesmart’s original Smart Radar filter system, used on the Alpha, remains but the Alpha X can also detect the specific radar wave used by Audi’s, and other vehicles, for cruise control and blind spot detection. This prevents additional false alerts from these vehicles when you are driving past them.
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Sale! Aguri DX2000 Speed Camera Detector Dash Cam
Aguri DX2000 GPS Dash Cam and Speed Trap Detector with Built-in Wi-Fi

Protect your licence and your no claims bonus with FREE speed trap updates for life.

NEW! The ultimate GPS, radar, laser speed trap detector with built-in high definition dash cam and wireless updates via your Android Smart Phone or iPhone. DX2000 comes preloaded with our latest speed trap database, so you can use it straight out of the box.
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Aguri GTX80 Speed Camera Detector
Aguri Skyway Pro Plus GTX80 Bluetooth

No more speeding tickets with FREE speed trap updates for life!

Recent figures reveal that motorists in the UK are being fined every 2.5 seconds with one lucrative stretch of road claiming 500 motorists a month. Protect your licence with the Skyway Pro Plus GTX80 with Bluetooth wirleless updates. Skyway incorporates our latest Super Long Range Plus speed trap detection and comes preloaded with our latest speed trap database, so you can start using it straight out of the box.
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Be wary of people telling you which of the Radar Detectors is “best”, some companies will just tell you which of the radar detectors is best for their profit margin!, let us help you find out what suits your needs.

  • Model Comparison charts compare like with like radar detectors so you can tell which best suits you once you’ve narrowed it down.
  • The Technology explains how GPS, radar and laser work, and how the different types of device can help you.
  • The Law confirms how radar detectors were made legal in January 1998, and gives advice on use in other countries.

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Then give us a call on 01483 522 225 or email us. We give the best advice and service, and if we are not giving the best price then give us a call. If you’re looking for a model we do not sell, its probably because we have tested it and do not rate it as one of the better radar detectors.

Radar Detectors After Sales Service.

We are committed to providing excellent after sales support and customer service. We are able to offer a full range of accessories and spares for a wide range of radar detectors should you need them as part of our continued customer care. When you’re spending a lot of money on complicated electronics we can provide you with the assurance that we are here to help in the unlikely event of any issues.

Radar Detectors and Heated Windscreens / Solar Glass.

Radar Detectors that are installed in cars with heated front screens may be less effective, and will not usually work in cars with a solar reflective coating over the glass designed to keep UV rays out. Likewise with GPS detectors you may need to move your unit around to find the best GPS signal reception and an external antenna will be required for solar windscreens. If you are unsure about your windscreen please call for advice or check with your local dealer.

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